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How do I work with templates?

The templates can be useful when it comes to specifying your products. If you have series of products that have the same attributes/properties for specification.   Create one product for your brand Add the specifications., Go to Dashboard an...

How do I delete my account?

You can deactivate your account by going to the Edit Profile UI.

How does CL protect classified information and keep it secure?

Basically only you or people you have invited to a Access group that the item belongs to, will be able to see the information. The information will not be visible to users outside the access group. U can invite people outside your access group an...

Does COMMODITY.LIVE offer a mobile app for managing my account?

Nope, but our responsive web application should cover any needs and is readable from both the mobile and other devices

Is CL available in languages other than English?

Website and service is currently available in English only. Additional language support will be added continuously.

I don't agree with the information that are added about my product or brand. What can I do?

If you own the brand (have claimed it and it has been approved) you control any public information about both brand and products. If your Brand is claimed by someone you believe is not the rightful owner, we have a dispute function always accessib...

I search for a product, but can't find any information. Why not?

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Do I need to be a part of a Team?

In COMMODITY.LIVE everyone is part of a team. First time you sign in, we create a default team for you. You can invite others in your team if you want. For more details on Teams in COMMODITY.LIVE, please visit our help article (https://commodity.f...

Is it free to join COMMODITY.LIVE?

Using COMMODITY.LIVE and it's basic features is absolutely free. In fact we want everyone to share everything with the rest of the world through COMMODITY.LIVE. Making products or part of products Private will require a paid plan.

Can I delete product information?

Product Information can not be deleted. However one can dispute the product information, thus request it removed or changed. Product Specifications can be deleted if you are in the team that created it.

I have a question - who should I contact?

You can contact us directly by sending an email (mailto:info@ntty.com) or enter a post in our contact form (https://commodity.live/en/contact-us). We also strive to answer any unanswered questions on the forum.

How does it work?




After signup to commodity.live need to sign in again on sandbox

This is a known issue that we are currently working on. COMMODITY.LIVE have created two environments for you. One for the live data and one for you to play around in to get familiar with the solution. After our latest upgrade we face issues with ...

I want to change my email address. Will it cause any problems when I'm part of a team?